Best Photography Locations in Alaska

Best Photography Location in Petersburg Alaska

One of my favorite places to photograph is located in Petersburg Alaska. It’s a tricky spot to get to because the best angles are from the Wrangell Narrows (waterway) during low-tide. For this spot, timing is everything.

Here’s an image that I’ve taken from this spot:

Petersburg, Alaska

Petersburg, Alaska

Great Photography Location in Alaska

One of the reasons why this location is one of the best in Petersburg, Alaska is because the landscape is always changing. In addition to juggling the weather and the tides, the mouth of the Wrangell Narrows opens up to the Frederick Sound. The Sound contains deeper waters and pods of Orcas and even Humpbacks swim through this area everyday. You never know when you’ll see a whale fluke or even a sea lion.

Directions to Petersburg Alaska Photography Location

Starting at Papa Bear’s (it’s right on the main street of the town), head North towards Eagles Roost Park by foot. It will take you about 5 minutes to walk and please note that there is a slight uphill.

  • Once you’re at Eagles Roost Park, face the direction of the water and turn to the right. You will see the beginning of a path.

  • Follow the path for about :15 seconds and you’ll see stairs. Take the stairs (approximately 3-4 flights).

  • This is where your timing will be key. During low-tide, there will be rocks exposed. Scramble over the rocks and look down the Wrangell Narrows towards Devil’s Thumb. On a clear day, you’ll see the wonderful mountain peak.

  • Please note that the tide swings can be more than 14 feet (depending on the time of year, it can swing to 20+ feet).

  • Tip: Wear waterproof boots so you can wade into the water a bit

Directions to photography location in Petersburg, Alaska

Directions to photography location in Petersburg, Alaska