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Carrying a DSLR While Traveling Can Be Incredibly Rewarding | Whale Fluke by Mary Parkhill

Carrying a DSLR While Traveling Can Be Incredibly Rewarding | Whale Fluke by Mary Parkhill

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to quite a few locations in search for awe-inspiring photographs. I’ve managed to explore Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Alaska and a few other places. As a landscape photographer, its tough to find the right balance of camera equipment to take while still remaining flexible and mobile. It’s a mental dance that I do each time I pack for a trip.

If you’re anything like me, you also want to have access to your camera along the journey to your destination. This often includes several airports, international baggage restrictions, hikes, taxi rides and rain (or snow). Having immediate access to my camera is preferred. At all times.

How to Carry Your DSLR While Traveling

Given this criteria (mobility and camera access), I have found 3 camera products that I consistently travel with when carrying my DSLR. Most other pieces of equipment can be changed depending on the photograph that I’m capturing or the type of hike I’m going on but these 3 items are key to every trip.

Find a Good Carry-on DSLR Travel Bag

Find a good, sturdy yet lightweight camera bag that can be used as a carry-on will save you a lot of time and effort. You’ll avoid transitioning bags for each trip (which means you’ll be less likely to forget an item) and you’ll get used to where your lenses and camera body are (which means that when you’re on a safari in Africa, you will be super familiar where your zoom lens is). Get comfortable with your bag and make sure it’s lightweight enough that you can hike with it - aka, try not to overstuff it.

Here’s the DSLR Travel Bag that I use:

Find a Lightweight Tripod For Your DSLR

If you’re into landscape photography, make sure to find a lightweight tripod. While shopping for one, you might lift quite a few of them up and think, “that’s not heavy at all”. Think again. Really try to envision yourself carrying your tripod on a 5 mile hike that’s uphill for most of the way. Plus your actual camera gear. If you get tired just thinking about carrying it in that scenario, opt for a lighter one. When you’re leaving for a tough hike to get to your desired location, it can be tempting to remove as much weight as possible. You do NOT want to leave your tripod behind so try to hedge this desire by finding a lightweight one.

Here’s the one that I travel with:

Rain Gear for DSLR While Traveling

A lot of my travels take me throughout Southeast Alaska - and it rains a lot. I mean a lot. Almost everyday (in my personal experience). So it was important for me to find a decent camera cover that was mobile, easy to use and protected my gear from the rain. I’ve read online blog articles that say you can use a plastic grocery bag (poke a hole in the one side) but I prefer to use a camera cover because there always seems to be multiple holes in my grocery bags. This rain protector has saved me quite a few times especially during the rainy seasons in Alaska and even Hong Kong.

Here’s the Rain Gear I use for my DSLR:

DSLR Travel Gear Recommendations

Do you have a favorite or preferred product that you make sure you have with you when you travel with your DSLR? If so, please let me know in the comment section below! I’m always looking for products that make my life easier - on the last mile of my hike or when I’m just boarding a plane.


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Mary Parkhill with Crabpot in Juneau Alaska

Mary Parkhill with Crabpot in Juneau Alaska