London: Holiday Glitz & Everyday Glam

London Christmas Photographs

Holiday Photographs of London

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Over the last few weeks of the holiday season, I have had the opportunity to spend time in the beautiful city of London. While Brexit continues to make international headlines, the hustle and bustle of the streets are filled with holiday laughter and cheer which seems to drown out the political frustrations (at least for the moment).

I have traversed through the streets making stops at places like The Photographers’ Gallery, the National History Museum and the ever so wonderful Harrods (which is currently wall-to-wall people). For the foodies out there, I would highly recommend Kimchee (make sure to try the mandu!) with a stop before or after dinner at Scarfes Bar which boasts a speakeasy, old world feel (intimate!).

One other item worth mentioning is a stop at Billingsgate Fish Market - a wholesale fish market. It’s the largest fish market in the UK and all has all of the sights and smells to go along with it. If you head there, make sure to double check the hours since most days, the market closes at 8:30 am (most people go at 3 or 4 am).

Below are a few photos from the last couple of weeks. Where’s your favorite place to check out during the holidays in London?

Night Photography of Regent Street by Mary Parkhill of Mary's Mark Photography

London Eye Photograph For Sale

London Eye Photograph by Mary Parkhill