Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

We believe that great social media starts with great content.

Leveraging the power of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we create, grow and foster online relationships and increase brand loyalty. We take a 'content first' approach and leverage our skills in photography and Photoshop to provide your audiences with engaging content. 

 Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses by Mary Parkhill


Here's how we can help:

  • Strategy: Not sure which platforms you should be on or which platform will provide the best ROI for your business? We will evaluate your business marketing needs and help determine which platforms your audience engages with. 
  • Account Creation: Expert at Facebook but new to Pinterest? Or perhaps you're looking to reach your fans on Instagram. No fear - we can help you set up your accounts and link accounts accordingly. 
  • Hashtag Research: On several platforms, it is crucial to leverage hashtags accordingly. Often times, this helps connect an audience with a new brand.
  • Creative Thinking: Looking for something fresh or new-to-the-world? We've spent quite a few years making a living at creative agencies. We're happy to put our creative brains to use and come up with new, engaging content for your brand. 
  • Content Creation: A great idea without bringing the idea to life is worthless. We specialize in creating the content and have the photography and Photoshop skills to bring your ideas to life. 
  • Planning: One area we love to help small businesses with is their overarching social media plan. While social media requires 'reaction', we love to help our clients be proactive and share content that they know their audience will love. 
  • Evaluation & Metrics: Knowing what your social media metrics are is a crucial part to continuously enhancing your content and engagement level. We provide metrics for your review so you can see how your business is doing via social media. This is a great time for us to level-set and discuss how things are going. 


Facebook Instagram Twitter Small Business Marketing by Mary Parkhill


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