Our Process

Our process is simple.

We don’t want to over-engineer the creative process but we do find that providing a structure for how we work is beneficial for all parties involved. It helps us be the best resource to you and ensures the project details are kept top-of-mind.


Step 1: conversation

Let’s talk.

Help us understand what you need help with or which piece of artwork you would like to use. You can reach us via phone, email or text message:

  • P: 814-746-2948

  • E: mary@marysmark.com


Step 2: artwork pricing

Let’s work.

After our initial conversation, we will provide you the best possible pricing to fit within your client’s budget as well as our recommendations for artwork pieces.

We take into consideration your desired artwork medium, the overall look/tone/feel of your client’s request and location of where the artwork will be displayed.

Fine Art Photograph of a Lighthouse in Portland Maine by Mary Parkhill of Mary's Mark Photography.png

step 3: Installation

Let’s display.

We work with you to make sure the artwork gets to your client. Sometimes, that looks like us working directly with your client and other times, we work directly with you.