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Florida Photography & Beach Artwork: 6 Places to Photograph in Florida

6 Locations to Consider When Photographing in Florida

Over the last couple of years, I called sunny Florida ‘home’. As I became more familiar with the ocean and the Florida way of life (#saltlife), I started exploring as much of the state as I could through my camera lens. With the ever-changing weather, constant sunshine and beautiful landscape, Florida is a treasure chest of eye candy!

As a photographer’s paradise, there is almost always a beautiful sunrise or sunset and the weather is always pushing the norms providing texture in the skies. Getting started, I leveraged Google Earth quite a bit to plan my shooting locations. Below are a few of the wonderful locations that I had the chance to explore and photograph while I was in Florida.

If you’re ever in the area, check out the states tourist website for tips/ideas of what to do / where to go. It’s a great resource to begin planning your trip. If you’re looking for more specific locations, feel free to reach out to me here.


Crocodile - Everglades, Florida

Crocodile - Everglades, Florida


Walkway to beach - Pass-a-Grille, FL

Walkway to beach - Pass-a-Grille, FL

St. Petersburg:

Sail Away  - St. Petersburg, FL

Sail Away - St. Petersburg, FL


Tampa  at Night

Tampa at Night

Fort Lauderdale:

Lifeguard  - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lifeguard - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Key West:

Key West  - Key West, Florida

Key West - Key West, Florida