Florida Photography & Beach Artwork: 6 Places to Photograph in Florida

6 Locations to Consider When Photographing in Florida

Over the last couple of years, I called sunny Florida ‘home’. As I became more familiar with the ocean and the Florida way of life (#saltlife), I started exploring as much of the state as I could through my camera lens. With the ever-changing weather, constant sunshine and beautiful landscape, Florida is a treasure chest of eye candy!

As a photographer’s paradise, there is almost always a beautiful sunrise or sunset and the weather is always pushing the norms providing texture in the skies. Getting started, I leveraged Google Earth quite a bit to plan my shooting locations. Below are a few of the wonderful locations that I had the chance to explore and photograph while I was in Florida.

If you’re ever in the area, check out the states tourist website for tips/ideas of what to do / where to go. It’s a great resource to begin planning your trip. If you’re looking for more specific locations, feel free to reach out to me here.


Crocodile - Everglades, Florida

Crocodile - Everglades, Florida


Walkway to beach - Pass-a-Grille, FL

Walkway to beach - Pass-a-Grille, FL

St. Petersburg:

Sail Away  - St. Petersburg, FL

Sail Away - St. Petersburg, FL


Tampa  at Night

Tampa at Night

Fort Lauderdale:

Lifeguard  - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lifeguard - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Key West:

Key West  - Key West, Florida

Key West - Key West, Florida



Photographing Oceanscapes in Florida

I have always found that when you visit or move to a new city or town, it becomes a piece of who you are. You tend to look at things differently and certain foods or scents can flood your brain with beautiful memories of the people you meet along the way.

My husband and I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for about 2.5 incredible years! One of our favorite parts of this area was the natural beauty that seemed to be surrounding us at all times. From the pretty parks to the incredible fishing piers and the wonderful wildlife that called this place home - we loved every piece.

Now whenever we visit, each sunset reminds me of how incredible Florida is. Here are a few photographs of the Florida sunset that I captured on my last trip through Florida.

What Florida photographs have you captured lately? Feel free to share them here in the comment section or send me your @Instagram handle. I’d love to check out your work!

Beautiful Ocean Sunset

Beautiful Ocean Sunset

Ocean blanket greeting the beach with a fishing pier in the background

Ocean blanket greeting the beach with a fishing pier in the background

Sea turtle heading to the ocean

Sea turtle heading to the ocean